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Silvertone SS10 Review

The Silvertone SS10 Citation Guitar & Amp Package is a terrific entry-level guitar package for beginners at an affordable price. It includes everything you’d need to get playing right away including an amp, guitar cord, tuner, guitar strap, and picks. It’s no wonder then why this package

Squier by Fender Mini Guitar Review

The Fender Squier Mini is among the best small guitars around today. It’s 3/4″ the size of a full-body guitar which makes it perfect for young guitarists just starting out (approx. 5-11 years old), adults with small hands, and as a travel guitar. And despite being small,

Fender FA-100 Review

The Fender FA-100 is a great guitar to start out on without having to break the bank. Intermediate-level players also have much to rave about for one simple reason—the high quality of sound. The tone is rich yet crisp and clear, surpassing even many of the more

Marshall MG30CFX Review

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist, the Marshall MG4 Carbon Series MG30CFX is the perfect amp for practicing and playing gigs in bars and small venues. >> Read more reviews for the Marshall MG30CFX on Amazon << Considering that the MG30CFX is a solid state amp,

Hot Hand 3 Review

The Hot Hand 3 controller is a great device for guitarists and bassists alike to manipulate sounds beyond standard expression pedals. Unlike stomp boxes, sounds created on the Hot Hand 3 are controlled by subtle or dynamic motions of a hand, foot, or headstock (depending on where