De Rosa DRM312 Review


De Rosa DRM312 ReviewThe De Rosa DRM312 is a terrific kit for the budding musician. Although it’s targeted toward toddlers and older (roughly 3-7 years old), the kit’s far from a toy. In fact, most of the material used is equivalent to what you’d find in pricier adult sets.

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More importantly, the De Rosa DRM312 looks, feels, and sounds like the real thing, unlike comparable sets geared toward children like First Act. So for only around $30 more, you get substantially better quality.

Putting together the kit is a straightforward process and usually doesn’t take longer than 25 minutes maximum. The manufacturer of the kit, Vintage Drums, already does some of the work by shipping the kit with the toms assembled.

A fair number of customers complained about instructions missing from the package. And those who had it found it nearly illegible, as if it had been xeroxed many times over. Thus, a small number of customers have had difficulty assembling the kit. However, Vintage Drums has excellent customer service and manage to resolve any issues quickly.

[wp-review] PROS:
Professional-grade material; Great sounding

Missing instructions/illegible instructions; Occasional upkeep (tightening nuts & bolts)

For future reference, you can always download a PDF of the instructions on the manufacturer’s site should you run into problems. Alternately, a two-part YouTube video on how to assemble the kit exists, the first of which can be watched in the upper-right corner of this page.

The most important parts of drum kits—the shells/rims and hardware—exude quality. The DRM312 shells are made out of birchwood while the hardware is all heavy duty chrome. And unlike most starter kits, the bass drum pedal is chain driven instead of fabric. The DRM312 also comes with a tuning key to tune the sound of the drums—yet another parallel to professional drum kits.

Other components aren’t as top notch but still acceptable for a starter kit. For instance, the cymbal and its stem are flimsy (which is common among lower priced drum sets), not to mention the shoddy vinyl material used for the throne.

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No matter how hard the kit is hit, it won’t wear with time. It does, however, require a minimal amount of upkeep, specifically tightening the nuts and bolts every so often and doubly-so if the drums really take a pounding. Luckily, the package comes with lots of extra parts to replace broken or lost ones.De Rosa DRM312 Review

>> Read more reviews for the De Rosa DRM312 on Amazon <<

The kit is also durable in another way—the height of both the drums and throne is adjustable and thus children can still continue to play even as they grow bigger.
Lastly, the De Rosa DRM312 set includes the following items: a 12″ bass drum, bass drum pedal, 8″ tom with holder, 8″ snare with holder, 8″ cymbal with holder, junior drum throne, tuning key, and a pair of drumsticks.

The De Rosa DRM312 is a best seller and it’s easy to see why—it’s a great sounding kit made from quality material that’s built to last. In other words, the perfect kit for the aspiring drummer at an affordable price.

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