Emerson GF829 Review


Emerson GF829 ReviewWhether you’re a kid or an adult, the Emerson GF829 is a great karaoke machine for family and friends to enjoy. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use and chances are you won’t have to refer to the manual to understand the basics. And at about 5 lbs., the Emerson GF829 is lightweight and portable so you can set it up anywhere quickly and easily.

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The Emerson GF829 is almost identical to the older GF527 model but with one big improvement: the speaker and voice recording quality is crisper and all-around better sounding.

The Emerson GF829 comes with 2 microphones, each with its own sturdy cradle to store when not in use. The microphones aren’t particularly good which is a common problem among most karaoke machines in the $50-$300 price range. We therefore recommend investing in a better quality microphone such as the Pyle-Pro PDMIC58.

[wp-review] PROS:
User-friendly and portable; Handy key-change feature

Quality of microphones are average at best; Not designed to accommodate iPads

Furthermore, the included microphone cables are fairly short, so it’s probably worthwhile purchasing longer cords if you want room to move around while singing.

The Emerson GF829 includes a well defined 7″ screen, large and sharp enough to read lyrics from a distance. There’s also the option of reading lyrics on a TV using the included RCA cables.

Likewise, you don’t have to listen to songs through the GF829 speakers—the RCA cables can be connected to a stereo system/home entertainment center instead. Audio coming from a stereo, however, will not override the built-in GF829 audio—both will be heard at the same time. Normally, this wouldn’t pose a problem but apparently there’s a small issue concerning lag time which can be distracting.

Apart from speakers, performances can be heard through headphones. If you plan on using both microphones with headphones, you’ll need to buy a splitter so that each singer can hear the music at the same time. All performances can be recorded onto an SD Card or USB flash drive as an MP3 file. Songs can then easily be uploaded from a computer to the Internet or burned onto a CD.

Unless you’re a fan of traditional folk music, the included CDGs of 300 MP3G songs won’t rock your boat. So it would probably be a good idea to look for some CDGs that better suit your taste. The built-in disc player also plays regular CDs and DVDs which is great when you need a karaoke break.

>> Read more reviews for the Emerson GF829 on Amazon <<

Apart from CDGs, the Emerson GF829 plays songs from iPods and most other MP4 players. These devices can be kept in the upright cradle for recharging and/or watching and reading lyrics while singing. We only wish that more karaoke machines accommodated iPads like the Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2. Tablets are a huge market right now and companies like Emerson should take notice.

One of the aspects we like best about the Emerson GF829 is the key-change feature which enables you to sing songs outside of your vocal range. Thus, more songs are available to you to sing but there’s a trade-off: transposed songs don’t sound quite as pristine as the original versions.Emerson GF829 Review
Lastly, in addition to the gear mentioned (2 microphones, MP3 player holder, MP3 player cable, RCA cable, two 300 MP3G discs), the Emerson GF829 comes with an AC Adaptor and remote control.

The Emerson GF829 is a great choice if you’re looking for a basic karaoke machine that’s great sounding, easy to use, and portable. And at less than $125, it’s also very affordable. We therefore recommend it without reservation.

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