Fender FA-100 Review


Fender FA-100 ReviewThe Fender FA-100 is a great guitar to start out on without having to break the bank. Intermediate-level players also have much to rave about for one simple reason—the high quality of sound. The tone is rich yet crisp and clear, surpassing even many of the more expensive acoustic guitars on the market. It’s therefore no surprise why it’s so popular.

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The guitar also has a shiny and streamlined dreadnought body and smooth rosewood fretboard, making it very attractive and sleek looking. Indeed, it’s hard to believe that such an inexpensive guitar can sound and look so good.

The Fender FA-100 is ready to play right out of the box…well, sort of. First you’ll have to tune it because the factory strings will likely sound out of whack upon first strum. But the guitar does a good job of staying in tune thereafter.

[wp-review] PROS:
Great sounding and attractive; Very affordable

High action requires some adjustment; Residual glue spots

Better yet, we’d advise throwing out the factory strings right away and replacing them with something better. Not only do the factory strings sound awful but they leave black residue on your fingers! They’re also medium gauge strings which are hard to play if you’ve never played before. So it’s probably in your best interest to invest in higher quality/lighter gauge strings like D’Addario 80/20s.

Many guitarists also find the action on the Fender FA-100 too high, making the guitar difficult to play. There’ve also been complaints about the strings buzzing right out of the box. Most likely, the guitar will need a slight truss adjustment which can be done either by yourself (several YouTube videos explain the process step-by-step) or by a professional technician.

>> Read more reviews for the Fender FA-100 on Amazon <<

Some users have noticed glue spots on their guitars—a common “marker” of cheaper axes. But a $100 guitar is never going to have the same level of craftsmanship as a $1500 Martin so you have to cut it some slack. There’s also a slight glue smell emanating from the sound hole which thankfully dissipates over time.
Fender FA-100 Review
Aside from the guitar, the Fender FA-100A comes with some other goodies. First, there’s a clip-on tuner which, while cheap, works just fine. Then there’s a shoulder strap, allowing you to rock out while standing. There’s also a soft gig case that perfectly fits the guitar but unfortunately doesn’t include any pockets. And to round it off, a few medium picks and a set of strings.

The Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag is a great option if you’re looking for quality acoustic guitar on a shoestring budget. It looks good, sounds even better, and lasts a long time. Sure, they’re other starter acoustic guitars available but let’s face it…a Fender is a Fender. It’s therefore self-recommending.

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