Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE DJ Controller Review

Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE DJ Controller ReviewThe Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE is the perfect controller for aspiring DJs to hone their skills before advancing to a more professional system. It’s also great for the more casual DJ looking to play at small parties and other social functions.

The DJ Control MP3 LE has other selling points besides meeting the needs of these two audience groups—it’s compact, portable and user-friendly.

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The Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE is essentially a plug and play system that will get you up and running in no time. You simply install the included DJUCED software CD onto your laptop or PC, connect the controller to your computer with the included USB cable, and fire everything up. The software actually then walks you through the different functions including auto cue, instant synchronization, and easy auto-fitting loops. So even if you’re a complete novice to DJing, you’re handheld through the entire process.

[wp-review] PROS:
User-friendly; Light-weight and portable

Compact design can be limiting; Quality of hardware material is mediocre

The only other equipment you really need aside from a computer (with a good sound card!) are a pair of speakers, headphones to cue up your tracks, and of course the music itself.

The included DJUCED software is quite powerful; it includes everything you’d expect such as the ability to view beats and length of tracks, effect and loop options, and an easy way to glance at tracks to see which would best follow the track you’re playing. The software also allows you to save and/or import mixes into other projects.

The DJ Control MP3 LE features a cross-fader and two volume faders, one for each music track—standard hardware essentially.

The DJ Control MP3 LE controller has two jog wheels that offer latent-free scratching, scrolling within tracks, and control cuing functions. They’re made out of a rubber material that have a nice feel to them. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the rest of the hardware—the plastic chassis feels a bit cheap and seems like it could shatter even if it were accidentally dropped from a short height. And unlike the Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2, the DJ Control MP3 LE doesn’t come with a protective cover which is just asking for trouble. The quality of the plastic knobs and sliders are equally questionable—no better than the material used for an action toy figure.

>> Read more reviews for the Hercules DJ Controller on Amazon <<

Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE DJ Controller Review There’s also the tradeoff of having a compactly designed system—the buttons, sliders, and knobs are positioned too close to each other and in the case of the jog wheels, too small to use for techniques like scratching. Still, with some practice, this mini-setup is manageable. The included backlights certainly help prevent mistakes which could otherwise be problematic.

If you plan on DJing professional events, we’d recommend searching for a more advanced controller. However, if you’re just looking to mix tracks for fun, then the Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE DJ Controller is a great option. Not only is it intuitive, super light-weight, and portable, it’s also very affordable so it won’t break the bank.

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