Hot Hand 3 Review

Hot Hand 3 ReviewThe Hot Hand 3 controller is a great device for guitarists and bassists alike to manipulate sounds beyond standard expression pedals. Unlike stomp boxes, sounds created on the Hot Hand 3 are controlled by subtle or dynamic motions of a hand, foot, or headstock (depending on where you place the wireless sensor ring—more about that later).

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This neat little device brings to mind classic performances of Jimmy Page waving around his right hand to create those fantastic noises during the breakdown of “Whole Lotta Love.” Supposedly, that was all done with the use of theremins. This setup is much simpler.

[wp-review] PROS:
Revolutionary way to manipulate sounds; Motion-based expression signal now compatible with 3rd party pedals

Noisy power adapter; The rare signal drop-out

Source Audio’s previous Hot Hand controllers already revolutionized the way sound could be manipulated with motion-based expression signals. The Hot Hand 3 expands from older versions by making it compatible with most 3rd party pedals which means that now more motion-based effects can be produced (note: 3rd party pedals must include a 1/4″ expression input).

It’s clear that Source Audio gave a lot of thought into the product design of the Hot Hand 3:

  • The wireless signal transmits over 100 ft., allowing you to move around freely on stage and/or in the recording studio without losing connectivity.
  • The wireless sensor ring is made from a sturdy yet non-irritating rubber that won’t accidentally slip off.
  • A 1/8″ sensor cable that’s right angled, making it easier to fit the Hot Hand 3 controller on a pedal board (you won’t have to compete for space!)
  • Rechargeable/replaceable lithium ion battery that operate for 6 hours—enough juice to last for most performances (unless, of course, you’re Phish).

In addition to the hardware mentioned above, the Hot Hand 3 comes with a ring charger/DC power supply and the all important wireless receiver base.

>> Read more reviews for the Hot Hand 3 on Amazon <<

The receiver base includes a 1/4″ expression output for 3rd party pedals and a 1/4″ sensor output for all other Source Audio products (e.g., Soundblox, Soundblox 2, Soundblox Pro, Hot Hand pedals).

The receiver base also features Depth and Smoothing controls to manipulate the range of the control signal and sensitivity to motion, respectively.

[youtube id=”yNQB2JWI98w” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”center”]

Although Source Audio designed a product that’s easy to use right out of the box, be prepared to spend some time practicing with it in order to get the technique down and coordinate it with your playing style.

Customers don’t have many complaints with the Hot Hand 3 but there are a few worth mentioning:

  • Powering the receiver base when using the 1/4″ expression output might be challenging because it’s powered by a 5 volt power adapter instead of the more standard 9 volt.
  • The power adaptor is somewhat noisy which might pose a problem when using it to record.
  • The wireless signal occasionally disconnects from the receiver base when the sensor and base aren’t within direct sight of each other.

In the scheme of things, these are minor complaints to an otherwise revolutionary product. The Hot Hand 3 can take your sound to a new level and therefore we whole-heartedly endorse it.

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