IK Multimedia iRig KEYS Review


IK Multimedia iRig KEYS ReviewThe IK Multimedia iRig KEYS is the first MIDI controller keyboard specifically made for iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S), iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation), and iPad (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3rd generation).

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It’s a lightweight, super thin, and ultra-compact 37 velocity-sensitive mini-key controller that’s the perfect device to take along anywhere for composing, performing, recording, or even learning piano. None of this should come as a surprise since IK Multimedia has long been regarded as among the best when it comes to versatile, reliable, and portable electronic instruments and accessories.

Setting up the iRig KEYS requires minimal effort. You simply connect an iOS device to the iRig KEYS with the included 30 pin dock connector. No additional software, apps, or drivers need to be installed. Although the iRig KEYS targets the iOS device market, it can also be used on Mac/PC DAWs via a standard USB port without a power adapter.

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First MIDI controller specifically designed for iOS devices; Easy to use and portable

Unintuitive positioning of octave buttons

The IK Multimedia iRig KEYS draws its power from the connected iOS device or USB port. It’s not, however, a power drainer—the battery life of an iOS device will last much longer than when plugged into other external devices.

The IK Multimedia iRig KEYS includes all the essentials you’d come to expect from a MIDI keyboard: 3 octave range (plus one note), modulation and pitch bend wheels, input for optional sustain or expression pedal, volume/data knob, and 5 function/edit buttons (transposing keyboard, changing programs, customizing touch sensitivity, changing MIDI channel, reassigning volume/data knob, and access to other MIDI functions). It also allows you to save up to 4 custom settings.

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The iRig KEYS comes with some staple IK Multimedia applications to get you going: SampleTank (for iPhone/iPad), SampleTank 2 L (downloadable plug-in or stand-alone feature for Mac/PC), and iGrand Piano.

There’s not much wrong with the iRig KEYS but they’re a couple of points worth mentioning. For instance, it’s awkward that the octave buttons are positioned above the mini-keys where they’re less performance friendly. Keyboardists find it more natural to reach for these buttons in the same area as the modulation and pitch bend wheel.IK Multimedia iRig KEYS Review

>> Read more reviews for the IK Multimedia iRig KEYS on Amazon <<

Something else to keep in mind concerns owners of the iPhone 5: since the older 30 pin dock is incompatible with the newer “Lightning” dock, you’ll need to buy a dock adapter to enable it to work.

As the first MIDI controller keyboard specifically made for iOS devices, IK Multimedia succeeds with the iRig KEYS. It’s user-friendly, attractive, and portable which makes it easy to endorse.

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