Marshall MG30CFX Review


Marshall MG30CFX ReviewWhether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist, the Marshall MG4 Carbon Series MG30CFX is the perfect amp for practicing and playing gigs in bars and small venues.

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Considering that the MG30CFX is a solid state amp, we’re surprised at how warm and tube-like it sounds. In fact, it does a better job emulating the tone of Marshall tube amps more than any previous MG model. Its variety of clean and heavy tones makes it adaptable to many genres of music including hard rock, metal, blues, and jazz.

The Marshall MG4 MG30CFX is a 30W amp featuring one 10″ speaker. It comes with 4 programmable analog channels: Clean, Crunch, Overdrive 1 (OD1) and Overdrive 2 (OD2). The Clean channel is crystal clear with no detectable noise whatsoever. The Crunch and Overdrive channels, while not exceptional, still sound great. A standard 3 band EQ is also included for further sound manipulation.

  • Quality

  • Ease Of Use

  • Price


A solid state amp that sounds warm and tube-like; Very customizable

No Effects Loop send/return ports; Controls placed in front panel instead of on top of amp

The amp includes programmable effects to help broaden your sound including staples like: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, and Delay. It also features a couple new editions to the MG line: an Octaver and 2 kinds of Reverb specifically designed for the MG30CFX (Spring Reverb and Studio Reverb). Effects are selected and adjusted using a single dial; up to 2 digital effects can be selected at once. Marshall unfortunately omitted the standard Effects Loop send/return ports so you don’t have much control over the signal path of your outboard effects.

All channels and effects are customizable allowing you to tweak them to just the right sound. And as previously mentioned, favorite sounds can be programmed for instant recall and just as easily be erased (up to 4 channels can be stored at any one time).

A brushed silver front panel houses all the controls where they’re clearly marked for easy differentiation. We just wish Marshall had placed the controls on top of the amp like the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe instead of out in front where they’re harder to see.

>> Read more reviews for the Marshall MG30CFX on Amazon <<

The Marshall MG4 MG30CFX includes a line-in jack for mp3 players to play along to your favorite songs. It also includes a headphone output and foot control input for an optional footswitch. Both the clean and distortion channels as well as any stored sounds are accessible via the optional footswitch. Should you decide to purchase the MG30CFX amp, we’d recommend adding the Marshall MG4 Footswitch to your order since it’s always easier to switch controls by foot than by hand.
Marshall MG30CFX Review
At close to 25 lbs. with a finish made out of high-end carbon fibre, the Marshall MG4 MG30CFX is sturdy and can weather heavy stress without problems, so you needn’t worry about banging it up.

For anyone who’s ever wanted a Marshall amp but lacked the funds or space, the Marshall MG4 Carbon Series MG30CFX is a great option. Its compactness, intuitive features, and warm powerful sound make it the perfect amp for practicing and performing. And at less that $200, the MG30CFX is a real steal. We at Sound Roundup love it.


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