Mendini MJDS-5 Review


De Rosa DRM312 ReviewThe Mendini MJDS-5 kit is a great drum set for aspiring drummers. The size of the kit is perfect for 3-10 year olds and includes all the components you’d expect of a full size drum set, just smaller.

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The kit includes all the items to get started playing: snare drum and stand, 2 tom drums, floor drum, bass drum, crash/ride cymbal, hi-hat cymbals and stand/pedal, bass drum pedal, pair of wooden drum sticks, and a drum throne.

The most important components of any kit are the drum shells and rims; everything else can either be replaced and/or upgraded. In this regard, the Mendini MJDS-5 excels—both the shells and rims are well-made and durable.

The kit has faults in other areas but they seem relatively minor when put into the context explained above. And as an inexpensive drum set targeted toward children, it shouldn’t get the same level of scrutiny as a professional kit. Having said that, here are a few things we observed…

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Quality drum shells & rims; Nice sounding toms

Non-adjustable snare drum stand; Thinly constructed cymbals

The 2 tom drums sound fine and can take a beating. What’s more is that they’re tunable which you wouldn’t expect from an amateur kit. The snare drum, in contrast, is less worthy of praise—it’s both weak and bland sounding even when adjusting the wire mesh with the side knob.

The snare drum stand is sturdy and durable but can’t be adjusted height-wise nor angled toward you. And even though the MJDS-5 package includes a height adjustable drum throne, its maximum height still might not be high enough above the snare drum to play comfortably. What’s strange is that the stand shipped to customers is actually different from the one shown in the picture which, for all we know, might be adjustable.

Both the kick drum and hi-hat pedals are somewhat flimsy, prone to bending and warping after rigorous use. They also aren’t terribly responsive, meaning that the action and feel of the pedals is sluggish.

One of the biggest drawbacks of all inexpensive kits is the quality of the cymbals. They’re almost always shoddy and the Mendini MJDS-5 cymbals are no exception. It’s likely that the single crash/ride cymbal and hi-hat will warp and/or bend over time because of their thin construction. Not surprisingly, the cymbals also sound thin and toy-like unlike the rest of the kit.

>> Read more reviews for the Mendini MJDS-5 on Amazon <<

These cymbals can easily be replaced with something better but keep in mind that high quality cymbals alone can cost as much as the entire kit. Also, a child’s ears are obviously less discerning than an adult’s and so sound shouldn’t play as a big of a role in your decision-making.Mendini MJDS-5 Review
Lastly, the kit is easy to assemble despite a somewhat confusing instruction manual. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 30-45 minutes tops.

Despite a few shortcomings, the Mendini MJDS-5 kit has everything you’d want in a starter kit and most of the important components like the drum shells and rims are rock solid. The majority of customers love this set and it’s easy to see why—it gives children the chance to try out a realistic drum kit without having to break the bank. We therefore give it a thumbs up.

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