Pioneer XDJ Series XDJ-AERO Review


Pioneer XDJ Series XDJ-AERO ReviewThe XDJ-AERO is a DJ system that’s WiFi enabled, making it the first of its kind on the market. By using WiFi-enabled devices like smart phones and tablets, tracks can be prepared and managed in advance wherever and whenever wirelessly—something which both DJ hobbyists and professionals can get excited about.

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Transferring files from a WiFi-enabled device to the XDJ-AERO is done through an app called Rekordbox. The app also syncs wirelessly to computers via Rekordbox software (both the Rekordbox app and software are included with the unit). Up to 4 wireless devices can be connected at one time.

[wp-review] PROS:
Groundbreaking WiFi capability; Simple setup & minimal amount of equipment required

Can only send MP3/AAC file formats wirelessly (USB enables more formats); Lack of ethernet port

The XDJ-AERO also comes with its own WiFi access point for fast and reliable connectivity so you’re not restricted to a wireless zone in order to access tracks. Music sent to the unit is immediately loaded so that in the rare event of a dropped WiFi signal, the track playing will immediately buffer to prevent the music from suddenly stopping.

The XDJ-AERO makes the DJ setup process much easier. By using smart devices to prepare and manage tracks, the XDJ-AERO eliminates the need for a laptop. Additionally, the WiFi feature reduces the amount of cables and connections needed. Some DJs, however, comment that the reduction of wires makes troubleshooting more challenging. When the source of a connectivity problem is no longer something tangible like bad cables, it’s more likely to be with the unit itself and that’s something DJs feel less confident tackling.

The WiFi connection also makes it possible for the audience to get more involved by sending tracks from their smart phones and tablets—a feature which some DJs have mixed feelings about because they dislike the prospect of becoming “glorified jukeboxes.” DJs take pride in their sets and are understandably reluctant to hand over control to their listeners. DJs also don’t have the time to screen tracks sent to them in the middle of their sets and so they can’t verify audio quality or content (e.g., poorly-recorded mp3s, tracks containing cuss words, etc.) Some DJs also worry about getting hacked over the WiFi network. So as great as the WiFi feature is, there also are some downsides to consider.

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The XDJ-AERO, however, isn’t limited to the WiFi feature—prepared music can also be accessed from the Rekordbox app/software using the built-in USB drive. This drive also serves to record mixes.

The basic components of the XDJ-AERO consist of a standalone 2-channel mixer, built-in jog control, various onboard audio effects (jog drum, sample launch, beat effect, sound color filter) and an automatic mix function.

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Pioneer XDJ Series XDJ-AERO Review The XDJ-AERO also includes audio ports to connect to other devices (e.g., Pioneer CDJ Players, etc.)

Regarding design, the item features an attractive acrylic panel with blue and white LED illumination.

We recommend the Pioneer XDJ Series XDJ-AERO because it’s the first of its kind and believe it will be a game changer in the DJ industry. Furthermore, the price seems commensurate with its groundbreaking WiFi connectivity and other features.

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