Samson Airline Micro N3 Review


Samson Airline Micro N3 ReviewThe Samson Airline Micro Headset Wireless Microphone System N3 is primarily targeted toward high-energy performers and presenters who need to move around without constrictions.

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What sets the Samson Airline Micro N3 apart from its competitors is the wireless earset. It functions both as a microphone and transmitter—a relatively new concept in the wireless earset world. It also happens to be one of the smallest wireless earsets on the market today which makes it less noticeable when wearing it.

No longer do you have to deal with bulky body-packs and microphone cables getting yanked off your shirt. The super light-weight Samson Airline Micro N3 lets you roam freely anywhere and everywhere without hassle.

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Small size and compactness makes roaming easier; Inconspicous headset

Rubberized/wired part of earpiece loses strength after constant use; Earpiece may be too big for those with small ears

The Samson Airline Micro N3 includes a single earset transmitter designed to be worn behind the left ear. It’s a comfortable fit but people with particularly small ears may find it too big.

A slim omnidirectional microphone extends toward the mouth ensuring that your voice will always be picked up in any environment.

The receiver, like the transmitter, is also quite small but the reception range is wide. The Samson Airline Micro N3 transmits at the UHF 600MHz range where drop-outs and/or interference problems are less likely to occur even when the components are positioned far from each other. The sound reproduction itself isn’t exceptional but certainly above average; same goes for the noise cancellation feature.

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Unlike other wireless systems, you won’t have to constantly change batteries with the Samson Airline Micro N3. Both the transmitter and receiver use rechargeable lithium ion batteries which recharge using USB bus power via an included docking station. These rechargeable batteries last a long time, up to 6 hours or more. But like all rechargeable batteries, there’s always the concern of shelf-life.

The tradeoff of having a chassis that’s sleek and minimalistic is a receiver without the usual buttons and knobs to make adjustments. So be prepared to spend some time learning to program the Samson Airline Micro N3 using a manual that’s unfortunately not up to snuff.

Another minor complaint commonly noted by users relates to the earpiece material—the rubberized/wired part loses some of its elasticity and strength after constant use.

>> Read more reviews for the Samson Airline Micro Earset System on Amazon <<

The Samson Airline Micro N3 includes auto mute and tone squelch functions. It’s also water resistant which protects the microphone and transmitter from moisture and perspiration during high-energy performances.
Samson Airline Micro Earset System Review
Regarding hardware, the Samson Airline Micro N3 comes with several items: a docking station, handy carrying case, AC adapter and charging cables, lithium ion rechargeable battery, USB DC input for charging, and a 3.5mm (1/8″) balanced mic/line level output.

The Samson Airline Micro Headset Wireless Microphone System N3 is a great choice if you’re looking for a system without all the hard wired gadgetry. It’s both versatile and low profile which makes performances and presentations less restrictive so you can focus more on putting on a great event rather than worrying about hardware. Endorsing this device is therefore a no-brainer.

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