Silvertone SS10 Review


Silvertone SS10 ReviewThe Silvertone SS10 Citation Guitar & Amp Package is a terrific entry-level guitar package for beginners at an affordable price. It includes everything you’d need to get playing right away including an amp, guitar cord, tuner, guitar strap, and picks. It’s no wonder then why this package has been such a big best seller.

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This electric guitar has an attractive sculpted body design modeled after the world famous Fender Stratocaster and a sleek black liquid finish.

The SS10 has 3 single coil pickups and a 5-way selector switch that produce a nice rich sound and two tone dials that unfortunately don’t do much. In fact, any detectable difference is best heard at the “1” and “10” marks on either of the two dials, nothing in between. Still, this kind of subtlety isn’t expected of a starter guitar.

[wp-review] PROS:
Great sounding; Complete starter package at an affordable price

Action is either too high or low; Some sprouted fret ends

The guitar includes a whammy bar, allowing you to manipulate the pitch of the sound—something all newbies have fun with straight out of the box.

As customary of new guitars, the Silvertone SS10 is strung with cheap factory strings which should be immediately replaced with better sounding/heavier gauge ones like Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Strings.

The fretboard is made out of good quality maple but you might find some of the frets wider than the fretboard itself (i.e., sprouted ends), making them uncomfortable or even painful to play. With a little bit of filing, however, any protruding frets can be smoothed out nicely.

Like most starter guitars, the action set-up is inconsistent with strings either being too high on some frets, making them difficult to play, or too low on others, causing buzzing. But this doesn’t mean that guitar is defective. Usually simple adjustments made to the neck and/or bridge will fix this problem. They’re plenty of YouTube Video tutorials explaining the process in detail but a safer route would be to hire a professional the first time around.

Aside from the guitar, the Silvertone SS10 package includes the following: Silvertone Smart II Amp, digital tuner, gig bag, guitar strap, guitar cable, multi-colored medium/heavy picks, chord chart, allen wrenches for truss rod and bridge, and an extra set of Silvertone Pro strings.

>> Read more reviews for the Silvertone SS10 on Amazon <<

At 20 watts, the amp has a lot of umpf—more power than you’d expect. But you can also practice privately by plugging into the 1/4″ headphone jack (note: standard 3.5 mm Smart Phone/mp3 player headphones require an adapter). Sound can be manipulated using the switchable overdrive and 3-band EQ. The only downside of this amp is a persistent low-level feedback heard when not playing.
Silvertone SS10 Review
While it’s clear that the Silvertone SS10 package includes many items, their quality is average at best. For starters, the tuner doesn’t tune the guitar very well. And since beginner guitars like the SS10 frequently go out of tune, a good tuner like the Snark SN-1 should always be at hand. Then there’s the limp nylon gig bag and flimsy guitar cable that crackles when plugged in. Still, it’s important to remember that product bonuses rarely measure up to the quality of the main product, in this case the SS10 guitar.

Despite a couple of minor shortcomings, the Silvertone SS10 Citation Guitar & Amp Package offers a lot of bang for your buck. You get a great sounding and looking guitar plus plenty of extras to get you playing right away. Recommending this product therefore comes easily.

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