Squier by Fender Mini Guitar Review


Squier by Fender Mini Guitar ReviewThe Fender Squier Mini is among the best small guitars around today. It’s 3/4″ the size of a full-body guitar which makes it perfect for young guitarists just starting out (approx. 5-11 years old), adults with small hands, and as a travel guitar. And despite being small, light, and compact, the Fender Squier Mini is far from a toy—it’s the real thing just in mini form.

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The guitar includes 3 single coil pickups and a 5-position switch that produce a wide range of terrific sounding tones from clean and jangly to chunky and fat. To round it off, a master volume and master tone controls allow the sound to be further manipulated.

The hardwood body includes a laminated finish that’s flawless. Most new owners, however, only discovered this later after realizing that the pickguard that initially looked scratched was in fact a protective plastic film.

The fretboard is made out of good quality rosewood but they’re problems with a few of the 20 frets, specifically sharp sprouted ends which make playing uncomfortable and even painful at times. This issue, however, can easily be addressed by filing them for a few minutes.

[wp-review] PROS:
A real electric guitar in miniature form; Well constructed and great sounding

Hard-to-turn tuning pegs; A few sharp sprouted frets

The Squier by Fender Mini Guitar includes cheap sounding factory strings (Fender 250L strings) that feel like rubber bands under your fingers. It’s therefore preferable to replace them right away with better sounding/thicker gauge strings like Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Strings.

The string action is high on some frets and low on others which inevitably makes guitar playing more difficult, especially for beginners. You can learn how to make bridge/neck adjustments by watching a few YouTube video tutorials but a safer route would be to hire a professional the first time around. Note that even with the help of technician, you’ll probably still have to occasionally tighten the hardtail bridge screws yourself as they do become loose.

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A shortcoming of the Fender Squier Mini are the tuning pegs—they’re difficult to turn and applying oil doesn’t seem to help. You’re actually better off replacing the tuners with better ones instead of struggling with these. Luckily, they’re easy to find since since the headstock and tuning pegs are the same size as a regular guitar. Whether or not you choose to stick to the factory tuners, the guitar does do a pretty good job of staying in tune once tuned.
Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster Review
Obviously, an electric guitar isn’t much use without an amp. One high quality/inexpensive amp we particularly like is the Fender Starcaster 15-watt Electric Guitar Amplifier. The Squier by Fender Mini Guitar also doesn’t come with a strap or guitar picks so be prepared to buy these extra.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, the Squier by Fender Mini Guitar is a great little guitar to pick up. It’s well constructed, compact, attractive, and great sounding—all at an extremely affordable price. And although it’s ready to play right out of the box, a couple of minor tweaks can really transform this guitar into a powerhouse. Endorsing it is therefore a no-brainer.

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