TEAC VR-10 Review


TEAC VR-10 ReviewWhether you’re looking to sample sounds or record meetings, lectures, interviews, and memos, the TEAC VR-10 portable recorder gets the job done.

The TEAC VR-10 portable recorder, distributed by Tascam, has been on the market for a couple of years and it’s substantially come down in price in recent months.

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The TEAC VR-10 features 2 omnidirectional mics which pick up every nuance at a CD-like quality. Recording levels can be adjusted either manually or automatically. The device also includes a noise filter, voice booster, and playback speed functions to further enhance and manipulate your recordings.

[wp-review] PROS:
Good audio quality; Very portable

Poor battery life; Slow audio transfer to computers

A 2GB digital SD card is provided to store your recordings. The best recording format, 48kHz/24-bit, is reserved for sampling sounds or performances. Recordings that require less audio fidelity can be recorded as MP3s instead.

Recordings can be transferred as WAVs or MP3s with a USB cable included with the device. The recording format can also easily be changed on the fly to free up space or before files are transferred over. Some customers, however, find the file transfer somewhat slow, particularly for WAVs.

>> Read more reviews for the TEAC VR-10 on Amazon <<

Another shortcoming of the TEAC VR-10 is poor battery life. The required AAA batteries are used up only after a couple of hours of recording, making it frustrating to use for longer recordings sessions.

Unlike some other portable recorders like the Tascam DR-05BL, the TEAC VR-10 is smaller, thinner, and more lightweight, and therefore more portable than other models. TEAC VR-10 Review

Despite its small size, the usability of the TEAC VR-10 hasn’t been compromised. Everything’s where you’d expect it to be and the controls are neither too small or close to each other to cause the common “fat finger” problem.

The TEAC VR-10 includes a standard line-in jack to connect external devices like microphones and other sources. Headphones can be connected to the headphone jack to monitor recordings and a built-in speaker serves to playback recordings.

The TEAC VR-10 is one of the more affordable portable recorders on the market today. It’s a no-frills device that accomplishes what it sets out to do and therefore we recommend it.

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